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Foundations of the Self-Defense Carbine, May 15-16, 2021, Glasgow, KY

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This 16-hour course is the first in a series developed by Eric Dean to introduce you to the tactics, equipment, attitude, and marksmanship skills necessary for the solid foundation for the use of a self-defense carbine. A short classroom portion covers safety, fundamental tactics, proper equipment, defensive mindset, and marksmanship skills. Anyone is authorized to participate in this course who has a clean criminal record. No prior firearms experience is necessary for this course.

A firearm in good working order.
If a back-up gun (BUG), or a hide-out gun (HOG) are being used in this course, approval prior to the course is mandatory.
350 rounds of factory ammunition. Reloaded ammunition must be approved prior to a scheduled class.
Eye and ear protection. Electronic hearing protection is recommended, but not mandatory.
A 2 or 3 point sling. (No 1-point slings allowed)
For BUG and HOG guns, a good working holster is vital. Contact The Bulwarks for more information.
For carbines, at least 3 magazines for the class and some type of retention kit for the spare magazine(s) Same goes for BUG/HOG guns.
Knee or elbow pads
Snacks, water, and lunch.

We will take a short break for lunch, but there is a LOT of material to cover in this course. It is also important to stay hydrated during this course no matter the season.

Dress for the weather. We will shoot in any weather that allows for safe execution of the drills.