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Foundations of the Self-Defense Shotgun, May 9, 2021, Glasgow, KY

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Foundations of the Home-Defense Shotgun is a one-day class and the first in the shotgun series. The shotgun is possibly the most versatile, but underutilized weapons systems out there. This class will teach you the ins and outs of the system and you will walk away with the knowledge to run it in a defensive manner and be successful. Topics that will be covered in this class will consist of ammo selection, patterning, unloading and different shooting positions to include compressed positions, and much more. Students will need the following to complete this course: A shotgun, preferably with an 18”-20” barrel. You will have hard time with this class without the proper setup, but we won’t turn you away. Ammo storage on the gun is recommend. You will only be fighting with what is in and on the gun!

Please remove the light that you have on your gun before class. The thumping that it will take over and over in class will be hard on it.

The fighting shotgun is ran differently than a skeet gun. Having a shorter stock is helpful. A LOP of 12”-12.5” is ideal for most people.


175 rounds of bird shot

Eye and ear protection

Something to write with and on


Food and drink

An open mind