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Wilderness Safety/Survival Level 1, April 16-18, 2021, LBL, KY

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ADMIN NOTE ON LOCATION - Please note that the address listed for the course is for the Visitor's Center at the LBL. Once you register for the class, a precise location will be emailed to you. Also note that any inquiries made to the support staff at the Visitor's Center will be met with "Huh?". We are using space and facilities at the LBL, but this is a private course. Please direct any inquiries to The Bulwarks. Thank you!

ADMIN NOTE ON YOUNG ADULT TICKETS - Young adults, age 13 - 18, may attend for $1 with a paid adult ticket. When booking your seat, please be sure to book your companion's seat, as well. This will help us keep an accurate class roster. Thank you!

The Bulwarks is pleased to announce a partnership with Craig Caudill of Nature Reliance School. Craig will be teaching a class for us in the LBL, and we are SUPER excited about it!

A few caveats about training in the LBL:

1. Please educate yourself on the rules and regulations for the LBL. You can find the rules here:

Rules on general use firearms are NOT included in the FAQs, so we looked up the CFR regulating the use of Forest Service areas. The only places "firearm" is mentioned are:


We aren't lawyers, but a thorough reading of the CFR seems to support General Order Number 1: Don't Do Stupid Stuff (DDSS). Take that as you will.

There are specific rules for the use of target ranges, and those ARE listed in the FAQs.

2. We're sure there's an outhouse or two SOMEWHERE, but plan on not having access to one (just in case). Also plan on not having access to running water.

3. If you have any physical limitations or medical conditions that might hinder your ability to have a great learning experience, please let us know beforehand. We will do our BEST to accommodate your needs. Promise.

4. As of the date of this listing, THERE ARE NO BEARS IN THE LBL. I know it seems a little silly, but we have been asked this question. You won't need bear mace, bear bags, or elaborate food storage systems to protect yourself and your goodies. The raccoons, on the other hand, probably have a well-developed mafia-style hierarchy. So. Be prepared for THAT.

The course listing below includes links for purchasing gear. If you already have gear that you like, we aren't advocating that you buy new stuff. However, if you don't have something on the list, or if you're looking to upgrade what you DO have, please consider buying from the linked retailers. The reason we ask is twofold.

1. Craig recommends these items, so we know it's quality gear that's worth the money.

2. NRS has established relationships with these retailers, and any purchases made from them help fund NRS and keep their costs low. The training you receive is top quality, and if NRS can continue providing outstanding education for a reasonable price, we'd like to help them do so.

This is the cornerstone class and by far the most popular that NRS teaches. This class is for those wanting to be more prepared to spend time in a wilderness setting.

We will teach you how to be proactive in your outdoor readiness, so that you can continue to go afield time and time again safely. We will actively study and practice the following: wilderness first aid, land navigation, shelter building, knot tying, fire building, water purification, edible/medicinal plants, hunting/trapping traps, and gigs.

For Level 1 classes we will have a group basecamp within a short walking distance to the vehicle parking area. You will be free to travel to and from your vehicle for gear if it is needed. We want you to be comfortable in this class so you can maximize your ability to learn and, more importantly, retain the information that we share with you. This means you should feel free to bring any camping equipment you feel comfortable with or want to test for yourself. There will be plenty of room to set up tents, hammocks, tarps, etc.

If you would like to challenge yourself, bring only your survival-related gear and have an experiential learning experience.

Multiple studies show that the best way to learn and retain information is to physically practice skills-based activities. Come to this class expecting to learn from well qualified and trained instructors, as well as do lots of hands-on activities. You will be immersed in survival methodology from a physical understanding and academic one. Be aware there are no powerpoints or long lectures, but lots of "dirt time".

Class Normal Practices

    • You are responsible for bringing your camping equipment, food, and food preparation supplies. However, a hallmark of NRS classes is that our experienced students will share equipment and food for opportunities to learn about other people's supplies.
    • No dogs allowed in any Nature Reliance School class.
    • The class will promptly start at 7 pm on Friday and end no later than 2 pm on Sunday. Plan to arrive on-site between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm.
    • The exact location will be sent to those who register for a class. For estimating travel before receiving those directions, please plan on driving to the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky.
    • The recommended minimum age for this class is 13 years of age. Younger children will be allowed only with special permission from the instructor cadre. Please inquire at
    • If you have any of our books and would like them to be signed, please bring them.  If you want to buy some for that purpose, then refer to this link.

Our Approach to Gear

Our approach to gear is simple. For Level 1 classes we want you to be comfortable enough to make the learning experience as easy as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

For each piece of gear, we are offering you NRS's recommended choice. Nearly all purchases listed here serve to support Nature Reliance School. So any purchase you make will continue to allow us to keep class costs low. If you already have this gear then, by all means, bring it and use and learn more of its pros and cons. Please note when available, we have offered you a list of items that will help meet various budgets. They are listed as good, better, best.

General recommendations for all classes:

  • Notebook and pencil/pen,

  • A clipboard or similar for writing on.

  • Day Pack (GoodBetterBest)

  • Basic First Aid Kit (we always have an extensive first aid kit on site for more involved issues)

  • Water container (Bottle or Bladder)

  • Head Lamp or Flashlight

  • Camera for photos (cell phones welcome)

  • Bug spray and sunscreen

  • Weather-related gear, we train rain or shine.

  • Sleep system of your choice (hammock, tent or tarp).  

  • Food and food-prep supplies (you are responsible for your own food and preparation of it)

  • Personal toiletries and water for your use.  

  • Camping/Lawn type chair

Wilderness Safety and Survival – Level 1